Wide Leg Pants, a Timeless Staple

Wide leg pants have become a timeless staple piece in fashion. Year after year, from red carpets to magazine covers, fashion lovers and consumers continue to include the wide leg pants into their shopping list and wardrobe. Wide leg pants cover up muffin tops and hold your tummy in if you select the high waist cut. You don’t need to be of model height to rock this hot trend. Wide leg pants are perfect fit pants that look good on everyone and easily hides insecurities. Flared pants can make a very classy look when paired with a fitted shirt. Probably the easiest stylish ways to wear wide-leg pants is pairing it with a slim fit crop top or a shirt tucked in for a more formal or serious finish; heels are always a hit with wide leg pants, in the case of taller women flat shoes match smoothly with it.


Although a slimming top is the easiest and most flattering way to wear wide pants, opting for a wide top creates a cool silhouette.
We’ve curated some more stylish wide leg pants looks below for you to take a cue from when you decide to wear yours.

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