A Tale of True Religions: For a goddess


Woman, let us create a world.

The Northern garden will grow on the hills, the river will provide Crocodile feed. Our off-springs will run around the marble floors, all the way to the garden, with the swiftest of knights all around it.


The eagles will watch over our cats and priest, whilst rain pours from the sways of your hips as we swim in the river of love and honey.


Woman, the watch dogs will tear apart the snakes and fetch us sticks as a trained dog will eat its vomit.


The stars will flood the streets as they shall walk in the midst of the world’s energy, with a little more than gold and diamonds on their skin.


The Northern riders will lead the entourage as we journey through the valleys, all the way to your eastern realm, back to the vineyard and ranch, where the fastest horse is.


Woman, the birds will wake us with music as the sunrises. Verily, my light is from your being; thus, with the wind traveling with your scent, your legacy will never be forgotten.


Our laws shall fight for the hungry who can not find their way into the garden, the ones that have nothing and for them dusk is the most scary.

Artwork by: Chidinma Nnoli

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